Black Friday Frenzy: How To Shop Like A Pro

Black Friday Frenzy: How To Shop Like A Pro

That Black Friday bug is already going around huh?

We know you've been adding quite a few things to your cart in anticipation of those BIG discounts - who hasn't?
It's a great time to revamp some of your wardrobe must-haves and curate a capsule to last you till next time.

However, it is easy to fall into the pits of buying things you really don't need and are only buying because you can't believe the price tags.

So here are a few tips to follow this season to practice smart shopping.


Planning is EVERYTHING



You already know what you'd like to buy - have your wish list ready and keep an eye out for the discounts. Do your research. Figure out what you'd like to come up with a rough estimate of the total.


Stick To Your Budget


You've put enough money aside to spend just on the deals. DO NOT go into your savings, or borrow money from a shady loan app for this. Don’t go trawling through Black Friday deals unnecessarily.

If it's not in your budget, it's not going into your cart. Period!


Keep Your Eyes Peeled Across Social Media

You'd be pleasantly surprised by how many discounts and promotions go on across our social media pages. If you're reaaaaally serious about this Black Friday offers, follow us on Instagram and bag some goodies!



The More You Share The More You Have.

Why keep these awesome deals to yourself? There's definitely something on that would make someone else happy - so tell a friend or 3 about the timeless elegance on Tuli.
If you'd like to get someone an item from us, but aren't really sure, you could purchase a gift card to share the love. It's a genuine act showing them you care.


Enjoy the experience, we know you'll find a timeless Tuli piece this Black Friday.

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