Layering Essentials : Keeping Warm During The Chilly Season

Layering Essentials : Keeping Warm During The Chilly Season

The chilly season is back so if you are not escaping to warmer areas, we have what you need  to keep warm and stylish.
When it comes to this season the key is to layer pieces that can easily work when the weather is unpredictable.
These layering essentials work with your everyday outfit's rotation allowing you to layer up fashionably but comfortably. 



Nothing gets us into the sweater weather mood like a cozy, classy poncho. 
Our Aysha ponchos are soft and comfortable and will serve you for a long time. Get ready to keep warm and stylish throughout the day in whatever colour you prefer: Black & White OR Rust & White








Our Bantu Turtleneck Sweater is a wardrobe basic. Tuck it into your favourite jeans and pair with some sneakers for a simple look or throw a blazer over it and pair with with some palazzo pants and flat shoes for a more formal fit. 



Cardigans are a versatile clothing item to have on hand during this chilly season. Our Zadi and Zuwena cardigans have buttons on the front while our Thandiwe Drape cardigans come with a belt to allow for easier styling.




Our double sided shawls are versatile and stylish additions to any wardrobe. The tassels at the bottom of the poncho add an extra touch of flair. Made from double layered knit fabric, it's cozy and warm while still being lightweight and easy to wear. Perfect for layering on chilly days or to add a pop of color to any outfit..


The rainy days are not going anywhere any time soon, but dressing warmly doesn't mean not looking your best. Explore our outerwear collection to find something that fits your style and keeps you stylishly cosy.

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