Let's Wrap It Up

Let's Wrap It Up

How can you not instantly fall in love with the wrap design?

Because most wrap tops are made of thinner material like crepe or silk, they make for great layering pieces. You can wear them so many ways for just about any occasion!
Today, we're styling this V-Neck wrap top from our Hecate Two Piece Set  in 3 exciting ways!

Style 1 - Wrap the straps around you, then tie them in the front for a simple look.

Put the blouse on and cross the straps in front of you. Bring them behind your back, cross them over each other, then bring them back to the front. Tie them off as desired.
Position the straps at about waist-level. If this is a crop-style top, position them at your rib cage instead.
For a more unique look, tie the straps off to the side instead of in the middle of your torso.
You can tie the straps in a double knot, a bow, or a half-bow.


Style 2 - Tuck the straps under the knot for a streamlined look

Put the blouse on and cross the straps in front of your chest. Pull them behind your back, cross them, then bring them back to the front. Tie them into a single knot. Next, grab both straps and pull them under the knot so that they come out the top. Let them dangle in front of the knot, hiding it from view.
This works best for crop tops and woven blouses, not knitted. Tie the knot at about bust-level.
If you won't want any dangling straps, continue to wrap and tuck them around the knot until they disappear.


Style 3 - Tie the straps behind your back for a more unique v shape look.

Put the blouse on and tie the straps in front of your chest using a single knot. Wrap 1 of the straps around the knot once to hide it. Next, pull both straps behind your back, then tie them into a knot. Finish off with a second knot or a cute bow.
Tie the first knot right in front of your cleavage, and the second knot a little lower at about bra-strap level.

Here's the thing about wrap tops - they're versatile and flattering across the board and perfect for a range of looks and occasions.

Feel free to explore different ways of styling these pieces because we can guarantee an awesome outcome every time!


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