Styling The Mimi Pant Set

Styling The Mimi Pant Set

Our latest piece, the Mimi Pant Set is a floral beauty that you need in your wardrobe basically yesterday!
We're giving you a collared neckline and voluminous sleeves for a dash of flare - and of course there are pockets! 
What's fun about this set is the versatility it brings - break it and style the different pieces however you'd like!

Styling The Top

Pair this floral top with bottoms that are a solid colour like those from the Amara Lounge Set in Black so there is no visual clash. Throw on a pair of chill sneakers and our Harper Handbag to finish the look!

Styling The Palazzos

We are all about a high waist and wide legged pant- it can elongate your legs and be super flattering when worn with platforms. 
Whether you're feeling like a simple and sexy lace spaghetti top in white or a soft knitted sweater in baby pink - the palazzo pants pair with almost everything.
With a cute pair of nude chunky heels and our Aoki 3-way bag, you're good to go hun!


"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it."

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