Tuli Store Turns One!



It has been said that the journey of 1000 miles begins with just one step...

Tuli's journey is no different, and after carving out our own path within the local fashion space - we are over the moon to have gotten this far!
We don't take one year at our Kilimani Store for granted and continue to celebrate every single milestone.

What started out as an ambitious team of just one has morphed into an incredible set of seven people who are dedicated to providing unique and stylish items with every collection curated.

 We needed to find a location that would complement our business goals as well as ensure our clientele could conveniently experience our brand

Of course dealing with agents, electricians, plumbers all the usual third parties came with it's own unique challenges; but we eventually found a team that could bring our vision to life.

Finding the perfect placement for our store sign

The inspiration for our mirror, shelf and rack set up


How it turned out 

 The final set up - racks ready!

And we opened - ready to receive you all!










Our Knitted With Love Collection


The more we grow as a business, as a team, the more we learn about you, our customers.
We've gotten to interact with incredible people - with exciting ambitions, unique fashion senses and utterly joyous personalities.

A multitude of goals lay ahead of us - and we are so eager to have you be part of this thrilling journey! So we invite you to come and celebrate our store turning one - because we wouldn't be here without YOU.

Watch our exciting transformation all below 👇🏾